About New England Boat And Motor, Inc.

Gold Cup race boats of the 1920’s have always represented the ultimate in mahogany speedboats. Now, almost a century later, many of those old beauties have vanished in flames or disintegrated into the depths of some lake or river.

Some of the “so-called” reproductions built in recent times had their design scaled off a photograph or sketched out on the back of a placemat in a roadside diner. Mark Mason has been collecting original historic plans and lines for 1920’s Gold Cup race boats for half a century. Many of these plans are in the original India ink on fragile old linen and crumbling velum.

Long ago Mason made the commitment to restore original boats to the highest authenticity possible and to reproduce newly constructed boats along historically accurate lines using the plans from his own collection.

That is why NEB&M is the only boatyard today that builds a quality of boat that integrates original design with the finest craftsmanship in woodwork and finishing, extraordinary instrumentation, power plants, upholstery, and performance equaling that of the originals built a lifetime ago. Mason’s shop goes to a higher level with further development through sea-trials, fine tuning the hulls and drive line, and testing different propellers. This additional effort can add 10 to 20 mph to the top speed of the boats built at NEB&M.

Mark Mason’s mission is to built boats that produce such a barrage to the senses that upon every return to your boathouse, you would be left breathless as if you had just won a Gold Cup Championship!