After acquiring the George Crouch designed 36 foot SISTER SYN(in 1969),  Mason developed a deep appreciation for Crouch’s designs. This led Mark to begin searching for any of the surviving Crouch boats and specifically the legendary IMPSHI, a 28 foot Gold Cup boat, hence a smaller & more manageable boat for a 28 year old enthusiast to contemplate.   In 1976, Mason stumbled across BABY BOOTLEGGER in a scrap dealer’s backyard and gave up his search for IMPSHI; wondering if perhaps BABY BOOTLEGGER was a divine consolation prize for not being able to find IMPSHI.

In 1979 Mason moved To Cape Cod where he restored ‘BOOTLEGGER’ with Bruce Barnard at the Quissett Boat Yard.   Her Hispano-Suiza aircraft engine was restored by Harold Rivard of Wethersfield, CT.

BABY BOOTLEGGER was introduced back into the boating world in 1982, winning awards at Winnipesaukee, Clayton, Muskoka and Lake George. She was even shipped to Paris and Monaco for exhibitions. As a result he met collectors who became his longstanding customers and friends.

After Mason owned & ran BABY BOOTLEGGER for 25 years, she was sold to Tom Mittler who took her to his boathouse in Michigan. Since Tom’s passing, his family has kept her in beautiful condition, ready to run at a moments notice.