BABY SKIPALONG is an iconic name among wooden boat enthusiasts on Lake Tahoe, where she has been for 85 years. Her name is synonymous with her winning countless trophies emblematic of the speedboat championships in which she raced in the 1920’s, ’30’s, 40’s and ’50’s at Tahoe and further West.

For many years BABY SKIPALONG’s reputation on the West Coast overshadowed her earlier life on the East Coast where she was famous, named GREENWICH FOLLY, for her home port of Greenwich, Connecticut. She gained National prominence by winning the Gold Cup Championship twice in 1926 and 1927. She was built by the world’s finest yacht builder Henry B. Nevins, of City Island, NY. She was in good company with her Nevins’ sisterships BABY BOOTLEGGER, MISS COLUMBIA, TEASER and TYPHOON.

She was built for, owned and driven by George Townsend, president of the Moto Meter instrument company, manufacturer of temperature gauges used in the great automobiles of the era. Her instrument panel was then and still is today, festooned with dials and switches that dial and gauge aficionados would die for.

Once she was on the West Coast she began a new and equally prestigious career owned and raced by Leland Stanford Scott, who’s family owned the Hall Scott Engine company. Soon after she was sold to R. Stanley Dollar for his son Stanley Jr. to race. She continued winning races and being run regularly until Stan died in 1977. She then laid dormant for three decades. In 2007 Stanley Dollar Jr. sold BABY SKIPALONG to Ed Scott who’s family had sold her to the Dollars 85 years before. Ed had her commissioned to return to the water. In subsequent years her Packard IM-621 Gold Cup engine was rebuilt and she got a well deserved new bottom. Today she is a National Treasure among antique boats and being offered for sale. Please inquire.