DELPHINE VI is one of the most famous and beautiful of Horace Dodge’s racers. She was designed by George Crouch in 1925 when she was built as IMPSHI for Dodge to race in the Gold Cup Championship. She raced many years under various names and she carried all of the great racing engines that money could buy. Packard powered the first year. In 1926 and 1927 she was powered with a 24 cylinder Duesenberg built from 3 Indianapolis straight-8 racing engines. She was retired for a couple years and then in 1932, she was pulled from storage, spruced up and re-powered with a Harry Miller V16 created with 4 Indy engine blocks on a common crankcase. She was extremely fast and clocked speeds in excess of 70MPH. Driven by Frietoff Erickson. She went on the race under the name HORNET in 1934 when she was wrecked as she ran into a battleship. Dodge gathered up her shattered bones and shipped her back to Detroit and rebuilt her, rechristening her as his beloved IMPSHI in 1936. This historic reconstruction was built from original plans and faithfully brings DELPHINE VI back to life. She has been completed up to a point where she is now ready for wiring and engine installation. Power is a brand new Marine Power 500hp 502 V8. DELPHINE VI is anxiously awaiting a new owner. This is a great value at $200,000.