HORNET is perhaps the most dramatic incarnations of the IMPSHI design, laid down by George Crouch in 1925. Horace Dodge raced her as IMPSHI then DELPHINE VI. He then sold her to John Shibe of Philadelphia who renamed her ETHYL RUTH III. Dodge then bought her back & renamed her HORNET, an older name used by the Dodge family for two of their big steam Yachts in 1905 and 1912. Aaron DeRoy a famous Detroit racer, then campaigned her in 1934 with a behemoth 16 cylinder Harry Miller racing engine. She was wrecked in the Presidents Cup races when she ran into a battleship moored along the course. Horace Dodge then took her broken hull back to his boat shop in Detroit and restored her, rechristening her as his beloved IMPSHI once again in 1936. This HORNET, built from original plans and accurately recreated, is a dead ringer for her namesake from 1934. HORNET has been magically brought back with her hull stained dark ebony and her original graphics from 1934. With a reliable 540 cubic inch motor, she runs smooth as glass at over 60 miles per hour. Her beveled glass instrumentation and antiqued maroon leather upholstery set her apart from all of her sister ships.