The Dodge family cruised the Mediteranean in the early 1920’s in their 258 foot Yacht Delphine. They berthed the yacht in Alexandria, Egypt and travelled by local transportation on camels and hand drawn rickshaws or Tuk-Tuks. They picked up a slang phrase which they heard yelled by camel drivers at their beasts of burden and by patrons at the men pulling the Tuk-Tuks through the alleys of the markets in Egypt. IMPSHI !!!! Loosely interpreted it means “Go!!” “Beat it” “Scram” or “Step on it”. In 1925 when Crouch was working on the new racer, the Phrase IMPSHI was lettered on the title block of the drawings. Who knows if Crouch or very many people who have seen her, had any idea what the name meant. Mark Mason fell in love with IMPSHI when he first saw photos of her in the 1970’s. He searched for her hull for years. Along the way he discovered BABY BOOTLEGGER and gave up his search. During the next decades Mason acquired her original George Crouch India Ink drawings and in 2001 Mason decided to build a series of three boats, to carry the names of three of the most celebrated versions of this great design. These are IMPSHI, DELPHINE VI and HORNET.