John Hacker designed and built what many say are the most beautiful mahogany runabouts of the twentieth century. The big 30 foot Dolphin speedboats with their enduring beauty today, remain as a testimony to the artistry and craftsmanship of a by-gone era.

Attempts have been made at reproducing Hacker’s boats. But until now the full beauty of Hacker’s lines have not been fully realized.
When Mark Mason grew up in Michigan half a century ago, some of Hacker’s speedboats could still be seen on the Lakes and Rivers where they were first built. Mason never got over the excitement of these great masterpieces.

Later he finally purchased one of these famous 30 foot Dolphins named WILL O’ THE WISP and ran it for twenty years before selling her to Alan Jackson, a famous Country Western singer from Nashville.

From the hull lines taken from his ‘Willo’, Mason decided to build a new replacement 30 foot runabout, showing the same level of craftsmanship and beauty, as John Hacker’s original Dolphin’s. She was named SULTANA and is shown here in action.

Due to the overwhelming interest in SULTANA, a twin named WHIRLWIND is being completed and will be offered to a lucky buyer.

Designer /year: John L. Hacker, 1929
Original Builder: John L. Hacker
Hull Style: 3 Cockpit
Colors: Mahogany
Length: 30 feet
Beam: 7 Feet
Weight: 5300 Lbs.
Engine: 502 Cubic Inch Mercury HP500 Offshore GM V8
Performance: 50 MPH
Materials: African Mahogany
Construction Details: Vacuum Bag Triple planked Epoxy Cold Molded
Hardware: Chrome plated Bronze
Dashboard: Burled Mahogany Veneer
Instrumentation: Vintage panel Under Glass
Steering Wheel: British 1930’s Brooklands 4 Spoke Banjo wheel
Upholstery: Pebble Grained Genuine Green Leather
Price: $350,000

For more information, Mark Mason at 603-369-0042 or email

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